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Video calling should be simple, straightforward, and effective. With Vaartaa, it is. Discuss current activities, manage tasks, and stay productive as a team. Engage remotely & work productively on any device, get the work done faster.

Vaartaa on the go

Vaartaa is built radically different. We have opted for decentralized peer to peer calling for acheiving utmost privacy and low latency.

  • Fast

    Just open Vaartaa and get back to what matters most.
  • Easy to use

    Intuitive User Interface. Everything exactly where it should be.
  • Privacy First

    Calls are entirely between you and your caller, data never leaves your system.
  • Web based

    No downloads. No plugins. No nonsense.
  • Tailored

    Multilingual Audio Captioning for diverse India.
  • Intelligent

    Machine learning algorithms working under the hood.

Connected to what matters

Never do "Wait! I'm searching for files" thing ever again. At Vaartaa, we integrate with the tools you rely on every day to keep information and conversations up-to-date.

Bring the team together

We at vaartaa believe that there are no physical limits to collaboration. Achieve more together with Vaartaa.

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