Strike Vaartaa.

The way enterprises collaborate and communicate has evolved significantly over the last years. Businesses today demand digital solutions that enhance convenience, improve productivity, as well as save time and capital. With Vaartaa, companies can get meetings up and running in seconds, with high-quality calls, that can be issued from a range of different devices, with a connection to the internet. Users get more face-to-face humanised communications, and companies have a simpler way to offer secure and effective unified communications.

Vaartaa aims to be an unified communication and collaboration video meetings platform, with a belief to make sparse unified — by bringing people and technology together in much more efficient and innovative ways, for example multilingual audio captioning, and using machine-learning algorithms to lower bandwidth consumption making it feasible in developing countries like India.

Software drives our modern lives. We shop with Amazon and use Google Assistant because they're tailored for us. So why are we using video calling services which are not tailored for us?

Vaartaa is built in & for India

We rethinked what video calling means for India from the ground up — how we call, how often we call, and how we interact. Vaartaa is trying to consolidate all the answers to the questions asked above, creating an unified video meetings platform.

We are a team of three co-founders trying to build a modern video conferencing platform catering India's ecosystem — to improve the way video conferencing is done today.

For us, the best part of building Vaartaa is connecting teams and helping them work together. That's why we're excited about Vaartaa — We're creating a product that helps people work better together.

Join Our Mission

We’re looking for passionate people to join us. We value flat hierarchies, clear communication, and full ownership and responsibility. We can be easily reached via mail to We’re still at an early stage of our product. We’re spending an enormous amount of time on testing, tweaking and polishing until every detail is perfect. If you want to get early access to our invite-only beta, please sign up on our waiting list.

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