Working overtime becomes cause of death for Japanese woman

New Delhi: Overworking at office proved fatal for a woman in Japan as she died by clocking up 159 hours overtime in a month.

A political journalist by profession, Miwa Sado, suffered a heart failure in July 2013, albeit the case was only made public this week.

As per reports, the doctors declared her dead by citing the reason of Karoshi, that is death from overwork.

She had just taken two days off in an entire month which led to her death, reports Independent.

With almost 2,000 people killing themselves due to work-related stress in a year, the government of Japan has taken the issue seriously.

As per a survey conducted, a fifth of the country’s workforce are at risk of karoshi, since they clock more than 80 hours extra work time each month.

A campaign was also launched which urged employees to leave early on the last Friday of every month.