The possibilities are galore for Republican candidate Donald Trump to take the rein of US, the unchallenged superpower of the world, in months to come. His popularity seems to be outshining that of Hillary Clinton not just on political front, but also in respect to economic and internal policies of the nation. Moreover, the blunders and failures, the moments of despairs, which 8 year old governance, run by democratic president Obama, had bestowed to its masses in turn of their ballots, its adverse impact is sure to face the Hillary Clinton in upcoming poll. There is for sure not a single remarkable achievement in the bag of Obama; otherwise Hillary would be enthusiastically beating the drum in each nook and corner of the country.

Donald Trump

On the other side, however, Donald Trump is enjoying the limelight of US media and masses because of his extraordinary stature and being a non-traditional republican, thus generating an excitement in their minds to look at what this modern leader can do after all. There are not single but versatile reasons, owing to which the victory of Trump in forthcoming November seems to be literally on the cards.

Nonetheless, Trump is a centre of attention world over not just because of his candidature for the presidential post of world’s oldest democracy, but also due to his frank and unfaltering views on the Islamic politics prevalent on the global platform. Would the accession of Trump make any change in the foreign policies pursued by US so far towards the Middle-East countries, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, which have virtually suffered from a setback? Whether, its political decorum to inherently honour the Islamic claims, privileges and sensitivities in each matter on the world stage would witness a radical transformation? Whether the non-Islamic world would undergo a far-reaching drastic change in its perception towards the infringement and critical situation of human rights in all the Islamic countries?

All these questions have cropped up on account of the lurid and fiery announcements recently made by Donald Trump. His most controversial as well as oft-quoted statement is “We would ban foreign Muslims from entering the United States.” This declaration was presented as a substantial evidence of Trump being the worst ever candidate in US’s political history. A large section of US voters however didn’t take it in a negative sense and it is what needs to be fully comprehended. US citizens are literally feeling perturbed from the double standards, dictatorial attitudes and growing raucous clamour of Islamic politics. It is hence noteworthy and intelligible, that despite Trump is facing severe brickbats as ‘Islamophobic’ by liberal leaders and intellectuals, and his assertions are being accepted as the bitter truth by a huge numbers of Americans.

The need is therefore to view his statement in full context given the liberal media worldwide habitually spreading his points of view not in their totality in a bid to plant anti-Trump notions. But, the full statement of Trump was “…who have this hatred of the United States.” Is it not at all the unpalatable truth? Even the commonsense of an individual would not allow him to welcome a person having a natural aversion to him. Hence, Trump’s statement must be analyzed in its entirety considering the full reference, he was talking about as beating the band or holding back partial truth will for sure prove deleterious to the masses at the end.

Whatever may be the reasons, but it is beyond disputation that worldwide Muslims by and large harbour anti-US feelings without reasonable grounds. The similar state of mind is maintained by Muslims towards European countries and it is the reason behind the Muslims inhabiting in England, France, Belgium, Germany and other nations getting involved in terror plots against the residing countries and sabotaging their constitution and legal infrastructure. While these European Muslims express their greatest antipathy towards the country, on whose soil, they were born, brought up and rendered excellent facilities; they get the vigorous patronage from the countless Muslim spokespeople all around the world.

Similarly, whether it is Kashmir issue, a series of Jihadist attacks in India or the unceasing gruesome murders one after one of Bangladeshi litterateurs- on all these issues, either Muslim world adopts the Islamist belief or feels like to stay tight-lipped. It is the burning question that what measures have so far been taken by the Indian Muslim leaders on the dastardly terrorist attacks on Kashmiri soil? It has been the harsh truth that fundamental element of Islamic politics is to browbeat or push aside all the ideas, individuals, countries and issues, which are non-Islamic and it is what forms the sole bone of contention.

It is therefore nothing else but to keep itself blindfolded to attribute US policies the cause behind the anti-US state-of-mind of worldwide Muslims. It is laid bare that most of the Muslim leaders and rulers of the world claim their own right on the entire globe. Its apparent universal proof is that the rights they themselves deny to non-Muslims in their Muslim countries, they demand that in US, Europe and India and resort to violence in case not obtained. Rather than US policies, this open bulling behaviour, unwarrantable and privileged mentality is the root cause of all the contentious issues. Trump has first time spilled the beans about it, which traditional leaders have been attempting to cover up.
The recent terror assaults in Belgium and France have clearly pointed that multitude of Muslims staying in these countries afforded shelter to terrorists in their colonies. Not alone this, they collectively impeded the probing and nabbing activities launched by police. Does this kind of episode not repeated in our own country in Srinagar, Aligarh, Godhra to Marad?

In this way, Trump has given vent to the frustration, desperation and resentment of US citizens, which they are going through seeing the Muslims, earlier living in an autocratic and pitiable atmosphere in Islamic countries, now enjoying full freedom and plenty of facilities in US and European countries, but notwithstanding it, instead of cherishing an intimate feeling of amity towards host nation, invariably take favour of unjust medieval Islamic mentality. Over a long time, they are facing it and now their patience has run out and their frustrations have found place in the highly distinctive voice of Trump.

Undoubtedly, there are several such sorts of conscientious and fair-minded Muslims in the world, who dislike the Islamic inertness and duplicity. Tufail Ahmad, Taslima Nasrin, Tarek Fatah and Wafa Sultan like several Muslims consider it fitting and appropriate to rise beyond the Islam and propagate the humanitarian values. After all, what heinous offence was committed by the writers, teachers and artists of Bangladesh, that they are being brutally assassinated? It was that they perceived the Islamic inertness, superstitions and despotism inapt and irrelevant. But, instead of raising voice against it, even all the non-Muslim leaders throughout the world too maintained a deliberate silence over it.

That’s why; Donald Trump’s victory can usher in a dramatic and interesting turn in the world politics. The secular and pragmatic tones in Islamic world have been so far turned a deaf ear by global non-Islamic leaders and UN like world fora. With or without intention, they have honoured, collaborated and encouraged the traditional Islamic elements and extremists all over. For that reason, Muslim world has not gone through the ideological and political reform, as by the Christian world four centuries back.

However, if a country like US takes this matter with the utmost seriousness, it can change the overall picture of Muslim world. The unending violence being perpetrated with the effort to strengthen the Islam is wrecking havoc world over claiming the lives of even lakhs of innocent Muslims. In this scenario, any new initiative can pave the way for the curious phenomenon, as there is conducive atmosphere in US for the time being. Does it signals the resounding win of Trump is for certain on the knees of the gods.

Courtesy: Shankar Sharan
Translated from Hindi