Student-develops drone to sprinkle pesticides in farms | India News

RAICHUR: Playing a significant role in the overall development of the country, a student of Raichur Agriculture University (RAU) has developed a drone for pest control.

Yallappa Raravi, M.Tech student of RAU, under the guidance of Dr. M. V. Veerana Gowda, has developed the pesticide-sprinkler drone named – agri-drone.

The university offered him Rs 2.50 lakh. The project took more than one year for completion. A 5-litre tank is fixed on to the agri-drone, while a remote would be used from the ground to control the drone.

“The drone is GPS enabled. Once the map of land is updated the drone will itself sprinkle pestiticides on the farm,”Yallappa said, adding, “The drone can be used both automatically as well as via remote controller.”

He also said the drone is cost-effective and can also be used for high growing crops like cotton, coconut and areca.

“Besides being economical, the drone will save farmers from side-effects of pesticides,” Yallappa said.

Earlier, Yallappa during his B.E. had developed a machine to spray pesticides using Solar energy

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Courtesy: Vijay Karnataka