Spectacular! New dynamic facade lighting of North and South Block inaugurated in Delhi – See Pics

Delhi: The famed special lighting on eight select days in a year and a few hour every night facade lighting of the icononic North and South Block buildings has moved from being static to dynamic.

The new dynamic facade lighting over an area of 21,450 sq mtrs has the potential to present an amazing 16 million colour combinations, displaying a wide range of patterns and themes during the night time with colours changing every few seconds.

Installed by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), the new dynamic facade lighting of the two buildings was switched on by Mahipal Singh, the senior most support staff (Multi Tasking Staff) of the Ministry of Home on Wednesday.

It was witnessed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Union Ministers Rajnath Singh and Nirmala Sitharaman also present at the event.

The new lighting system will be on show from 7.00 pm to 5.00 am all through the year with full capacity prime time lighting from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

Watch the spectacular visuals below: