English is beyond doubt enjoying the status of ‘queen of languages’ on Indian soil, while making all regional languages her maids. But see! How unfortunately she is in danger to lose her crown even under the nose of Great Britain. In the wake of referendum, the Britain is all set to bid good bye to the EU. But, in the meanwhile, all the remaining 27 EU countries have finally made up their mind to dethrone the English from its official language. They all are clearly geared up to soon put forward a proposal in a bid to completely stop working in this international language.


With English being dropped out of EU, French and German would remain its other two official languages. As its disturbing implication, Britain would now be oddly compelled to communicate with EU nations only in French and German. Following the entry of Britain in EU, English had started playing a domineering role upon other languages. Even in former colonized countries like India, English rules the roost even post-independence. But, to utter surprise, Prophet is not honoured in his own country. In three British states namely Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scotland, English has admitted failure in occupying the position of their vernacular language. English is hardly the primary language of four and a half country in the world including Britain, US, Australia, New Zealand and half of Canada.

Undoubtedly, there is not at all any issue if English or any other foreign language becomes the language of global communication, research, trade, strategy and other usages. However, it is certain to wreck havoc, if it is forcefully imposed on any nation. In India, English holds prominence and importance in the employment and business sectors and as a status symbol for the individuals as well. Its predominance has been widening the gap between ‘Bharat’ and ‘India’ turning our country a complete copycat and acolyte. Our leadership despite it is not free from fortifying its vote bank and filling its pocket. But, while English is about to soon lose her queen crown on the close heel of Brexit, it is expected from an earlier servant-country like India not to take measures to save this poor English from its impending doom.

Courtesy: Dr. Vedpratap Vaidik,
Translated in English from Hindi

– Mohan garg

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