When Boney Kapoor questioned his son Arjun Kapoor’s sexual orientation | Hindi Movie News

Arjun Kapoor might be one of the most desirable hunks in Bollywood now, but this actor was once a chubby teenager. Arjun recently revealed a hilarious thing that once happened to him in his younger days. While in his early 20s, Arjun did not own a car and would often borrow his father Boney Kapoor‘s fancy car to go to nightclubs with his buddies, as stags had a better chance of gaining entry, if they arrived in a fancy car.

The actor reportedly stated that, when this took place a couple of times, his father asked him if he had a girlfriend. But Arjun told his dad that he didn’t have a girlfriend, and was hanging out with three-four friends at clubs. A worried Boney Kapoor then gently enquired if his son was straight. Arjun was shocked by his dad’s reaction back then, but he now laughs whenever he recalls the incident.