Shah Rukh Khan defends friend Salman Khan in blackbuck case – Watch viral video

New Delhi: Salman Khan’s 1998 blackbuck poaching case came back to haunt him after a Jodhpur court pronounced him guilty and sentenced him to a five-year jail term. While other co-accused Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam Kothari and Sonali Bendre were acquitted in the case on ‘benefit of doubt’, the 53-year-old actor was convicted by the court in the two-decade old case of killing the endangered species. 

The news has not only shocked Salman’s fans but has also left the entire film fraternity in surprise. From Jaya Bachchan, Waheeda Rahman, David Dhawan, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Rampal to Subhash Ghai have voiced their opinion in support for Salman.

In the meantime, we came across an old video of Shah Rukh Khan, in which he is seen expressing his emotions for the actor while also speaking about the negative part of being a celeb-figure.

“Sometimes I feel there are lot of advantages of being a movie star but a lot of negativity too. I think one of the negatives of being a celebrity is that you get judged for doing a crime even before it is proven. This has happened time and again with Salman.  I think by virtue of the impression that stardom is giving to people, they think that they can say anything about the stars and it’ll be alright. That I think, is wrong. I am nobody and genuinely not someone who can comment on what the law is but somewhere at a personal level, one feels and wishes all this did not happen to Salman,” Shah Rukh said in the video. 

Watch the video here: 

Shah Rukh and Salman’s friendship dates back to 90s when they appeared together in blockbuster film ‘Karan Arjun’. The two had been great friends since forever. Though the duo had broken up in middle for a while but later, they buried the hatchet and were back to being friends again.