Manoj Bajpayee urges people to not speculate about Irrfan Khan’s health; posts heartfelt note on Facebook

New Delhi: Ever since classic actor Irrfan Khan disclosed about his health condition on Twitter, there have been numerous rumours doing the rounds. The actor in his post requested people to not speculate about the disease as he will reveal more once the doctors draw any conclusion.

However, there has been no stopping the wagging tongues. Another talented find from Bollywood, actor Manoj Bajpayee recently expressed his anger over such rumours and requested everyone to not speculate any further about Irrfan’s health.

He took to Facebook and wrote: “request all to stop speculations about Irrfan’s health and wait for the official confirmation from his side.its quite insensitive to guess and spread rumour about anyone’s illness.plz delete all the post and pray for his health.he will fight it out and come out of it like a champion .praying for his speedy recovery. Lets all respect his privacy.”

A few days back Irrfan had revealed about his ill health and how he suffers from a ‘rare disease’. Here’s his tweet:

Manoj had replied to his tweet and wished him a speedy recovery.

After this shocking news, several reports carried different versions of what Irrfan was suffering from. However, soon his manager put all the rumours to rest requesting privacy at this hour of trouble. Khan’s manager refused to comment as the family awaits the final reports from the doctor.

Here’s wishing Irrfan a speedy recovery!