Bigg Boss 11, Day 9 updates: Shilpa- Arshi turn queens, Hiten becomes the king

New Delhi: The Bigg Boss house is already ripe with controversies. It has been just 9 days since she show premiered and entertainment quotient of keeps rising with each episode.

Day 9 of Bigg Boss 11 began with the padosis trying to complete their task by convincing the housemates that they belong to one family. While Shivani Durga seems to be seeing through their lies, it is Aakash who seems genuinely convinced of the stories that the padosis are telling. Will they be able to hide their identity for long and save themselves from nominations? Only time will tell. 

What came as a surprise on Day 9 was the intense, heated arguement between Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan- yes, you read that right. Both contestants argued severely until other housemates joined in! The arguement blew out of proportion in no time and Vikas locked himself up in the bathroom where he could be heard crying. Jyoti stood outside the washroom door, urging him to come out but he refused.

Once he did come out of the washroom, Vikas threw his mic and attempted to walk out of the Bigg Boss house! He later on apologied for his behaviour in the confession room.

Later in the day, the luxury budget task began in which Hiten became king along with Shilpa and Arshi becoming his queens. 

Bigg Boss called Shilpa and Arshi into confession room and told them secretly that Shilpa is the good queen and Arshi is supposed to be the bad queen. However, the duo has to confuse the housemates and not tell them who the bad queen is. 

It is Hiten’s responsibility to find out who the good queen is and if he is able to answer correctly, he and the good queen shall be contendors for captaincy. However, if Hiten’s answer is wrong, the bad queen shall be the contendor of captaincy.

Other housemates were divided in two teams with one team serving queen Shilpa while other served queen Arshi. The task of the housemates was to serve their respective queens and create different walls using the bricks given.

Queen Shilpa’s servants used blue walls and queen Arshi’s servants used the red ones.

The team which has the higher wall will win the task and the contestants of the winning team will become contendors of captaincy along with the king or queen.

The contestants performed their task with diligence and the day ended with Bandgi and Puneesh getting comfortable, yet again. Puneesh kissed Bandgi’s hands before the duo went to the bedroom and also said  “Mai Kisise Nahi Darta”.

Hmmm, what could all of this mean? We wonder!