Bigg Boss 11, day 40 written updates: Sabhyasachi Satpathy wins captaincy task

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 11 day 40 began with the housemates dancing to ‘Mai Khiladi Tu Anadi’ . While there was a heated arguement inside the house previous night, the atmosphere was light in the morning.

Hiten, Hina and Benafsha went to jail on Day 39 and it looks like Hiten had an entirely new personality while he is in the Kal Kothri.

Vikas Gupta announced the captaincy task in which the three potential captains who were Bandgi, Sabhyasachi and Akash, had to convince houseamates to drop an egg in their basket. The contestant who had the most number of eggs would ultimately win the captaincy task.

The task began and the house members were busy picking whom to vote. Some housemates even planned to break and steal each other’s eggs. Well, we have seen how Shilpa stople all of Vikas’s money in the luxury budget task in which the house had been converted into a cushion factory. However, this time, Shilpa tried to play a fair game and gave her egg to Sabhyasachi.

A lot of stratergies were created by the contestants with regards to how to make their favourite contestant win. A lot of housemates including Arshi Khan gave their eggs to Sabhyasachi and the task soon went in his favour. Priyank was standing near the basket so that no one can steal the eggs that Sabhyasachi has collected so far.

All was well whenn suddenly Sapna lost her calm and indulged in a war of words with Vikas.

Puneesh was seen consoling Bandgi as it wass clear that she would lose the task.

The task got over and as one could expect, it was Sabhyasachi who won and is now the captain of the house.

Hiten took a breath of relief as Sabhyasachi decided to release him from the Kal Kothri.

After this followed the Garnier Man task which had to be performed in 3 pairs. Akash and Arshi won the task and were ecstatic while all other housemates watched them celebrate.

November 11 is weekend ka vaar with Salman and we can’t help but wonder what he has to say to the housemates this weekend!

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